HOMETunnel repairRepair technology of tunnel shield cas in situ

Repair technology of tunnel shield cas in situ

Repair technology of tunnel shield cas in situ

In view of the problem of tunnel, box culvert rupture or structural defect, the ideal solution for strengthening and repairing the old structure is to adopt the artificial spraying high performance modified mortar material combined with reinforcement mesh. The main construction sequence is: pretreatment, base chiseling, hanging steel mesh, manual spraying of high-performance mortar, troweling.

Process advantages:

The whole repair process is fast, safe and reliable;

The repaired pipe wall structure is continuous, which can improve the structural strength;

The special mortar is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and the microcracks can heal automatically;

There is no heating process or chemical reaction process in the construction, and there is no pollution and damage to the surrounding environment.

Material advantages:

1. The inner liner slurry is closely bonded to the surface of the structure and has good water tightness. It can fill and repair the defects, holes and cracks in the structure and give full play to the strength of the original structure;

2. The liner slurry has good impermeability and can effectively resist the corrosion of H2S and other harmful gases to concrete;

3. In large section tunnel and square culvert, tensile framework such as steel mesh or fiber grid is added to the lining to enhance the reliability of the lining structure;

4. Structural repair: the lining can bear all kinds of loads, and the design life is more than 50 years.

Scope of application:

It can solve the problems of tunnel leakage, tunnel inner wall corrosion, multiple local damages of pipeline and insufficient structural strength.

Construction process:

Site preparation


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Repair effect

After repairing, the defects of the existing pipeline are improved, the overall performance of the pipeline is strengthened, and the service life of the existing pipeline is extended.

Before repair of box culvert



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