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Repair technology of in situ pouring well shield

Repair technology of in situ pouring well shield

Through the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed spinner, the prepared special lining slurry is poured evenly and continuously to the inner wall of the inspection well to be repaired, forming a layer of mortar with uniform and continuous thickness. The mortar layer has certain structural strength, impermeability and corrosion resistance after hardening, which is called CCM for short.

Circular well spraying

Square well spray

The high-performance cement-based modified composite material specially developed for the trenchless repair of municipal inspection wells and municipal drainage pipes has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impermeability and durability, and has the characteristics of thick spraying without sagging, which meets the technical requirements of centrifugal casing and artificial wet spraying.

The special additive for anti microbial corrosion of concrete materials shall be able to fully dissolve into the water for pulping. The water containing fungicide is used to prepare the lining slurry, so that the lining has the function of long-term sterilization and bacteriostasis, and the microbial corrosion caused by the excessive propagation of microorganisms on the lining surface is prevented.

Technical advantages:

The whole repair process is fast, safe and reliable! No need for excavation and repair;

The construction time is short, and generally the manhole can be repaired within a few hours;

The repaired shaft wall structure is continuous, which can improve the structural strength;

It is easy to operate with water;

The special mortar is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and the microcracks can be repaired automatically;

The equipment used is small in size, easy to install and transfer;

There is no heating process or chemical reaction process in the construction, and there is no pollution and damage to the surrounding environment.

Scope of application:

The side wall of the inspection well is not plastered, or the plastering of the side wall falls off;

Local damage of shaft wall;

Check for wall cracks or other defects.

Process introduction:
On site inspection and pretreatment


Clean again

Spray gun pouring


Effect display

Before repair

After repair


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