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Sahara® Platform


The Sahara platform is a tethered tool that offers a variety of solutions for water and wastewater pipelines, including leak and gas pocket detection, inline CCTV and pipeline pre-commissioning.

Sahara gives clients a cost-effective option for precise leak location in both complex and pipelines, while also giving utilities the option of live video footage and pipeline mapping. Using this actionable data, utilities can confidently make decisions relating to water loss and condition assessment of their network.

Sahara leak detection is tracked above ground using sensors, which also allows for the precise marking of leaks. This information can be used by utilities to greatly improve excavation accuracy when excavating the pipeline for repairs and maintenance, especially in complex urban environments. The tool allows the operator close control and sensitivity during inspections with no disruption to regular pipeline service.



Easy to deploy through existing pipeline features

No disruption to regular pipeline service

Sub-meter mapping technology for all pipeline materials

Tethered system ideal for complex and urban systems

Real-time results with live video feed

Finds leaks that cause pre-commissioned water mains to fail

3.Filed of application

Owners of water and wastewater pipelines deal with a variety of infrastructure challenges; the Sahara platform can collect a variety of pipeline condition information in a single deployment that helps owners manage their assets more effectively.”

4.Leak Detection

The Sahara platform is equipped with a highly sensitive acoustic sensor that can detect pinhole-sized leaks on pressurized pipelines. The tool has been able to identify leaks as small as 0.005 gal/min (0.02 liters) and has a typical location accuracy of within 1.5 feet (0.5 meters). Because the tool is tethered and can be winched back and forth by the operator, it can precisely mark leak locations in real time.

5.Gas Pocket Detection

The acoustic sensor is also able to identify the sound of trapped gas within pressurized mains. The presence of trapped gas can adversely affect pipeline flow or lead to degradation of the pipe wall in sewer force mains.


Sahara can locate the pipeline with sub-meter accuracy, providing GIS coordinates for all points of interest. Pipelines with unknown alignment can be located at discrete points, features, and bends to generate a sub-meter accurate plan view of the pipeline.


7.Inline Video Inspection

The Sahara tool is also equipped with a CCTV camera that displays real-time footage of the inspection, providing pipeline owners with a visual of internal pipe conditions, and helping to avoid unknown features such as offtakes.

8.Process introduction

The Sahara® platform is a tethered tool for the assessment of pressurized water and wastewater pipelines 6 inches and larger. It is ideal for the inspection of complex pipeline networks that require close tool control and precise location accuracy.

The tool is inserted into a live pipeline through an existing tap and travels with the product flow for up to 0.9 miles (1.5 kilometers) while collecting pipeline condition information. A small parachute uses the flow of water to draw the sensor through the pipeline while it remains tethered to the surface. The tool allows the operator close control during inspections and does not disrupt regular pipeline service.

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